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This guide is designed to give you all the information you need to paint your house. When it comes to home improvement, painting is the least expensive and most efficient thing you can do.


Cleaning and scrubing the floor focusing on dirt removal from pores, stain removal and restoring shine


Sheet metal fabrication is using sheet metal to build metal machines and structures. It can be a complex process involving many different professionals. Businesses that specialize in sheet metal fabrication are commonly referred to as fabrication shops, or fab shops for short.


Full Fabric Partition builds its own shape of divider. It creates configurations in 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way with multiple connectors. Full Fabric Partition requires safety legs (sold separately) to be a freestanding partition. 1-3/4" thickness fabric panel.


An Extensive Range of Electrical Household Goods like Fans, Water Heaters, LED Spot, Cove, Panel, Tueblight & Commercial Lighting , Wires and Cables, Commercial & Industrial Fans - Aircirculators, Exhaust Fans We even have an online Store for your Convinence to make your experience even better.


We provide an infinite range of fall-safe plumber services in Bangalore including installation/repair/replacement of cisterns, toilets, shower jets, wash basins, faucets, water pipes, drainage systems, bath tubs, towel rings, soap stands, cabinets, kitchens sinks and more.

Home Automation

Control Everything at Your Fingertips Turn on your lights, play your favourite music or change your room temperature, at the tap of your smartphone.